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The  HD15 can load up to the impressive amount of 15 m3 of mixed concrete and is designed to work the hardest environments for truck mixers.  High thickness of the drum, reinforced structures, double rollers with sling bar, drum anti rebound system are the key characteristics . The structure is perfectly integrated in the truck’s chassis to withstand the most severe stresses.

Specifications overview

  • Drum  diameter 2400 mm
  • Central reducer
  • Water tank, capacity 1200 liters
  • Completely sandblasted prior to painting for ultimate rust resistance

additional items
  • Concrete fluency pressure gauge
  • 2 additional discharging chutes

Technical details

High coefficient of drum replenishment, perfect mixing blades design for a better concrete mixing. A lower centre of gravity of the truck mixer guarantees a better driving position and more balanced loads distribution.

The drum is realized in anti wear materials with different thicknesses (up to 8 mm), due to parts that more suffer from concrete corrosive action.

Dimensions and in particular the construction drawing of the blades optimize load and unload operations and safeguard homogeneity of the concrete.

The internal zone of the blades has a special anti attrition system that limits abrasions and increases its duration.


CIFA power groups are dimensioned for put together great performances and maximum installation versatility.

Appreciated quality and reliability of CIFA technological choices stand out both in power take-off applications and using an auxiliary engine.

An exclusive electronic board with dedicated software manages the hydrostatic group.

The loading hopper shows how CIFA very carefully looks after productivity of the vehicle and convenience of management in every detail.

All the elements are designed to get the best geometry and to offer maximum efficiency and functionality during the loading phase, minimizing risks of obstruction.

Use of anti abrasion materials safeguards the entire loading area. Rational and convenient also for maintenance, with bolted hopper that can therefore be easily disassembled.


All the unloading elements, realized in special anti wear materials that ensure robustness and duration in time, are studied to achieve the highest operational capacity and rationality.

Particular attention was paid to the discharging chute group to order to facilitate the operator’s job and guarantee his maximum safety.

The discharging chute, rotating of over 180°, easily faces any unloading operation.


Each truck mixer has double electro-hydraulic commands to manage engine and drum and hydraulic commands to regulate the chute lifter and to activate the water pump.

Manoeuvring the machine is therefore simple, both from the normal ground position of the operator and from the truck cabin.

An exclusive radio command also allows to remote control all the main functions of the truck mixer.

CIFA exclusive and tested handheld radio command, with high safety requirements and offered as optional, manages from a distance all the operative capacities of the machine.

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