CIFA machines à béton avec des performances optimales, une grande adaptabilité, une utilisation facile, une efficacité et une fiabilité élevées. Notre gamme de pompes à béton sur camion, de pompes pour remorques, de mélangeurs pour camions et de centrales à béton répond à votre demande commerciale unique. CIFA s'engage à vous fournir la meilleure machine à béton et le meilleur service via son réseau mondial.


With its small size and ease of use given by the installation on truck, this machine allows to easily and quickly reach the construction site, even if located in places usually not reachable by other truck mounted pumps. Get close to the casting place in narrow city streets, set up the concrete line and basements, car parks or all kinds of construction works can be carried out.

Equipped with S6 open circuit pumping unit, with 200x1000mm cylinders and a 250 litres hopper, it is provided with standard pipes that include all the reductions necessary to realize a complete line.
For Europe it’s mounted on a two axles vehicle ISUZU F11, 4060 mm wheel base. Of small size, 7200mm long and 2618 mm high, it’s also available without truck.
Two options of diesel start up: Deutz TD 3.6 L4 STEP IIIB engine for European, US and Canadian markets and Perkins 404D-22T STEP IIIA engine for all other markets.

Main pump: axial piston type variable capacity and constant power.

  • One pumping module for all kinds of concrete
  • “S” shaped valve for any type of concrete in special differential steel
  • Rapid valve exchange and sure positioning
  • Ideal operations even at high pressures
  • Automatic wear compensation
  • Low noise
  • Low running costs

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